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Wayne Trans Australia – 2020 Kenworth T610 – Diesel Hydrogen Conversion

Overtaking in the ranges. 9% decrease in fuel.

Trans Australia – 2018 Mercedes 2663 – Diesel Hydrogen Conversion

Increased haulage capacity from 85t on a set run to 124t on the same run. More power. Better fuel economy.

Hi-Trans Express – Kenworth K200 Hydrogen Diesel Conversion

B-Double comparison. Truck 142 v 141. Simple math… 16,173L LESS of diesel used to travel 300,000km over a 1 year period.

Hi-Trans Express – Freightliner EGR & K200’s Hydrogen Diesel Conversions

Over 700,000kms. No mechanical issues. No problems with hydrogen unit. Increase in power. Fuel savings. Since 2013.

Hilands – Mercedes Euro 6 Actros Hydrogen Direct Injection Conversion

Fuel savings of 1/3 of a tank with a heavier load!

Blacks – 2018 Mercedes 2663

Increased capacity. Increased power. Increased efficiency. Download  

BMV Transport achieves cost savings while reducing carbon emissions

We were pleasantly surprised by these numbers resulting in a savings of over 10%.

Delivering the HYDI trifecta – lower emissions and more power from less fuel

Fuel consumption dropped 12% and increase in power – holding on to 2 gears on inclines.

Premium WA – Freightliner Columbia Diesel to Hydrogen Conversion

12% Fuel Saving. Increased power; holding on to 2 gears on inclines. 2/3rd drop in soot level. Engine is cleaner which should increase operational life reducing overall operational costs. We have fitted our fleet with HYDI units.

BMV Transport

BMV Transport is achieving over 10% cost savings and feeling good about doing their part for carbon emissions reduction.

HYDI delivers savings for GLW

HYDI - Hydrogen on demand We have been trialling and since purchased this system on one of our 2018 Kenworth T909 Cummings ISX, driven by Daryl […]

Hi-Trans Express – Kenworth K200 Diesel Hydrogen Conversion

Simple math. 8% savings in fuel since Nov 2017.

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