What is HYDI?

And Can It Be Used On Any Diesel Engine?

In simple terms, HYDI is a unit that gets attached to an existing diesel engine that injects Hydrogen into the combustion of that engine which allows the fuel to burn hotter and cleaner which has proven results impacting emissions, fuel consumption, power/torque, engine performance, and servicing costs.

HYDI Hydrogen Direct Unit

The HYDI Unit

The HYDI unit is a sophisticated but simple to use Hydrogen on demand system. It uses distilled water
and low voltage electricity from the electrical system of the vehicle or plant to produce Hydrogen.

The HYDI unit does not store Hydrogen and employs a number of safety features to prevent Hydrogen
being generated if the engine is not running.

There are no chemicals or additives used in the HYDI unit.

Just pure water.

The HYDI unit uses Bluetooth Applications to display the status on the operation of the unit on an Android phone or tablet in real time.


The HYDI Hydrogen on demand system supplies hydrogen gas to the engine
intake to supplement diesel fuel. The controlled addition of hydrogen into
the engine improves combustion efficiency.

This has the effect of reducing fuel consumption and to reducing carbon and greenhouse gas exhaust emissions.

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Diesel Conversion to Hydrogen Direct

How can HYDI help?

HYDI is a simple solution to improve your environmental impact.  Whether you are looking for a greener carbon footprint, a reduction in particulate emissions, decreasing your fuel consumption or all the above, HYDI does it all with potentially massive savings in operating costs, compliance with Environmental Sustainability Governance all without replacing expensive equipment.

What applications are currently using Hydrogen direct from HYDI?

At a starting cost of approximately $18,000 per unit, this is not an application for small diesels in utes, generators or boats though the HYDI unit can be applied to these diesel engines as well.  The primary focus for HYDI is on larger diesel engines in heavy equipment, trains, garbage trucks, prime movers, dump trucks, large generators and other larger diesel engines.

How long does it take to install the unit?

At HYDI we are well aware that downtime for your equipment means lost revenue.  It takes approximately 5 hours to fit a HYDI unit to most diesel engines.

How long does it take to install the unit?

At HYDI we are well aware that downtime for your equipment means lost revenue.  It takes approximately 5 hours to fit a HYDI unit to most diesel engines.

How does it work? How do I get Hydrogen and how dangerous is that?

The units create Hydrogen gas from de-mineralised water.  That’s it. No re-gassing, no dangerous Hydrogen cylinders or storage, the unit produces Hydrogen on demand when the engine operates.  It shuts down when the engine shuts down. No hydrogen storage.  It produces its own Hydrogen that is inputted into the simplest process through the air intake system into combustion to create a clean, efficient burn. You simply refill the water chamber in accordance with usage, as an example a 15L engine will use 1L of de-mineralised water in approximately 30 hours of operation.  Simple, clean, safe and it can be used in even the most remote regions.

Proof Points


Fuel Consumption

Reduces fuel usage by up to 14%

Particulate Emissions

Reduces particulate emissions by up to 80%

CO2 Emissions

Reduces carbon monoxide emissions by up to 25%

Increased Power

Torque improvement in every application

Service Costs

Burns cleaner and more effectively resulting in reduced service costs.

Cleans Engines

Mechanics and engineers across all applications report that HYDI cleans heavily carbonised engines.

Designed, Engineered & Manufactured in Australia.

Environmental and economic benefits for applications using large diesel engines are provided by HYDI’s sophisticated hydrogen system.

The HYDI unit will benefit your business by increasing profit through reduced fuel and maintenance cost and foster your environmental corporate citizenship by reducing your carbon footprint.

HYDI’s products can assist compliance with regulatory requirements and global community expectations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Australia and the world.

Fast Facts

Hydrogen’s burn is complete, quick and clean,
with nearly three times the energy output of diesel.

ISO Certification - Quality Certified, Environmentally Certified, Safety Certified







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