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Environmental and economic benefits for applications using large diesel engines are provided by HYDI’s sophisticated hydrogen system.

The HYDI unit will benefit your business by increasing profit through reduced fuel and maintenance cost and foster your environmental corporate citizenship by reducing your carbon footprint.

HYDI’s products can assist compliance with regulatory requirements and global community expectations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Australia and the world.

Fast Facts

Hydrogen’s burn is complete, quick and clean, with nearly three times the energy output of diesel.

  • reduction in carbon monoxide up to
  • reduced fuel usages up to
  • reduction in particulates up to
  • Reduction in Service Costs due to longer service intervals
  • Cleans heavily carbonised engines

The HYDI Unit

The HYDI unit is a sophisticated but simple to use Hydrogen on demand system. It uses distilled water and low voltage electricity from the electrical system of the vehicle or plant to produce Hydrogen.

The HYDI unit does not store Hydrogen and employs a number of safety features to prevent Hydrogen being generated if the engine is not running.

There are no chemicals or additives used in the HYDI unit.

Just pure water.

The HYDI unit uses Bluetooth Applications to display the status on the operation of the unit on an Android phone or tablet in real time.

HYDI How-to

Go to our benefits calculator to see how you can improve your profit and protect our planet.


The HYDI Hydrogen on demand system supplies hydrogen gas to the engine intake to supplement diesel fuel. The controlled addition of hydrogen into the engine improves combustion efficiency.

This has the effect of reducing fuel consumption and to reducing carbon and greenhouse gas exhaust emissions.